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    Working With Local Communities

    We are passionate about the work we do, and believe in working closely and in a positive way with both our clients and the local community. We have seen very real positive economic benefits from investment into the areas in which we have worked over the past 6 years.

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    Identifying and Qualifying Investment Opportunities

    We have personally visited every property that we present on this site – we don’t take shortcuts but invest the time it takes to review each parcel of land individually so that we are better placed to represent the investment accurately to the investor.

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    Local Knowledge and Key Relationships

    We have developed critical local relationships over the past 6 years that are essential to making successful investments in Indonesia, and have a deep understanding of the legal contracts and processes, and of the local customs and practices involved when investing in land.

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    Sustainable Investment and Giving Back

    We strongly believe in giving back to the local community, and are launching a project to bring a mobile library to the region of South Central Lombok in which we most often work. All offers of books/resources for this project will be gratefully received. Please go to our news/interviews/info page for details on "Bale Banjar".

  • Our Track Record

    Our clients have invested in more than 4,000,000 square metres of land over the past 8 years, and though the details of these investments are confidential, some of our clients and partners have been kind enough to provide testimonials to our work

    "Indonesia Land and Property assisted me in buying a significant plot of land in South Lombok. Their service was and continues to be very impressive.  Specifically, we were looking for a company with extensive local knowledge who could bring quality land at reasonable prices. Indonesia Land and Property provided this and further managed all aspects of the buying process and have continued to assist us with ancillary needs such as topographical surveys and re-marketing visions.  We highly recommend Indonesia Land and Property and would use them again for further purchases." - John Tolton, Director, D’Impian Pte Ltd

    "We decided to look at land investment opportunities available in Lombok in early 2009, and thankfully contacted Indonesia Land And Property to provide some advice. Bill has been involved in each step of our investment, providing a highly professional service throughout. His straight talking honesty, understanding of your investment strategy, local contacts and knowledge of the area are second to none. For anybody looking to save time, money and stress for their land investment then we'd advise speaking to Bill." - Steve Ebsworth, Director, Lombok Land Developments Ltd

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    If we haven’t addressed any questions you have or you would like to know more about the services we offer and the value we add, please call or email us:

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Who Are We And How Do We Work?

Guy Morgan 

icon-video Video Interview With Bill O'Donnell
"We decided to look at land investment opportunities available in Lombok in early 2009, and thankfully contacted Indonesia Land And Property to provide some advice..."
"My husband and I had bought land in Bali, but were nervous about looking at a 'new' and less well-known location like Lombok. Bill was the perfect solution for us - he combined deep local knowledge with a refreshing honesty as we looked at plots along the southern coast... "
Our Top Picks For Investors
How Do We Shortlist Locations and Opportunities?

Indonesia Land and Property is a division of Equity Growth Partners Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

We offer investment consulting services, bringing foreign investment into Indonesia specifically for land acquisition in Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Nusa Lembongan. We most often source land for villa/hotel development but are also asked to identify agricultural land for investors.

Our clients are foreign investors [not resident in Indonesia], or Indonesian investors living overseas - our client base ranges from individuals and companies looking to buy land for villa or hotel development to investment funds looking for exposure in this rapidly growing market.

We have built extensive relationships with important local business partners that allow us access to quality land at good prices with full post investment support.

We have been investing in land in Indonesia ourselves for the past 8 years, so we truly appreciate the concerns and interests of the investor.

The Services We Offer:

  • Access to some of the most stunning and prime land buying opportunities in Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Nusa Lembongan
  • Land sourcing services in Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi and more ….tell us where and what type of land you wish to invest in and we will source it for you
  • Unrivalled partnerships on the ground in Indonesia
  • Consulting services on all aspects of the buying process
  • Advice on simple infrastructure development (roads, land clearing, topographical surveys, etc.)
  • Contacts with developers
  • Partnerships with established land brokers, both foreign and local, ensuring access to the best buying and selling opportunities

Call us now to find out more and put your most challenging questions to us. Contact us.

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