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Flores: More Than Just Komodo

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 12:32


When someone mentions western Flores the famous Komodo Dragons come immediately to mind, and for good reason. The monstrous and carnivorous “dragons” are truly a sight to see, found on the islands of Rinca and Komodo between 40min and 2 hours from Labuan Bajo [depending on which island you choose and what type of boat you take]. But western Flores and the area around Labuan Bajo have much more than the just dragons to offer travellers.

Komodo Dragon, Flores

On the water:

The Komodo National Marine park, recently voted one of the  7 Natural Wonders of the World, offers world class diving and snorkelling. Every year thousands of divers travel from all over the world to enjoy the rich marine life found inside the Marine Park. Divers of any budget can enjoy the wonders of the Komodo Marine Park whether onboard a luxury live-aboard boat or on simple day trips arranged by one of the many dive shops in Labuan Bajo.

On the land:

Let’s not forget the mainland, which is often overlooked but has much to offer. Labuan Bajo itself is a small but bustling town worth absorbing for a day or two. The harbour is a vibrant area full of ships moving goods back forth and the colourful fish market is well worth seeing. Take a stroll up along the hillside behind Labuan Bajo for amazing views of the harbour and outlying islands, especially at sunset. When you need something to eat look out for one of the many Nasi Campur stalls along the water front, or if you are looking for a bit more of an upscale dining experience don’t miss some of the best Italian food in Indonesia at "Made in Italy" or the impeccable Western and Chinese cuisine at "TreeTop".

Labuan Bajo, Flores

Getting there

Labuan Bajo is very accessible with direct flights from neighbouring Bali and Lombok. The airport is currently being expanded to allow larger planes to land and so accommodate flights from Jakarta and Singapore. For those with a bit more time do consider a live-aboard cruise from Bali, passing by Lombok and Sumbawa, to Labuan Bajo. These cruises can    be done with any budget from ultra-luxury to shoe-string backpacker style.

Labuan Bajo offers a wide range of accommodation from the two international standard hotels, Bintang Flores and The Jayakarta, to mid-range accommodation such as Centro Bajo, down to the several backpacker hostels.

Where to invest

Indonesia Land and Property has pinpointed two distinct areas for investment. 


Firstly, we have been looking at the islands in close proximity to the Komodo National Park. Plots on these islands do come at a slight premium but offer the ultimate in white sandy beaches and translucent blue water; perfect for resort development with diving and snorkelling at your doorstep. Some plots are already being resold by initial foreign          investors, and these are more expensive. We look to secure land for our investors that is new to market or still holds       upside potential in the medium term.

Secondly, we have focused on commercial opportunities on the mainland close to Labuan Bajo. These plots, mostly along planned roadways, offer a very low entry price with good expected returns in 2-3 years.

White Papers: Investing In Land In Indonesia

Glossary of Land Title / Key Terms

Hak Guna Bangunan [HGB] - Building Rights Title: The transferable right to build and own buildings on land. HBG titles can be granted to foreign investment [PMA] companies. PMA companies can be 100% foreign owned. HGB title rights are granted for 30 years, renewable for an additional 20-30.

Hak Guna Usaha [HGU] - Land Cultivation Rights Title: The right to use state-owned land for agriculture, for 35 years extendable by 25 years. Agricultural use includes crop cultivation. cattle-rearing, plantations and fishing.

Hak Milik – Freehold Title: Cannot be held by non-Indonesians.

Hak Pakai [HP] – The Right To Use Title: The non-transferable right to use the land for any purpose. Granted for up to 25 years, extendable for another 20.

Hak Sewa - The Right To Rent Title: A lease on the land from the freeholder, usually for 30 years renewable for an additional 20. The name on the title remains that of the freeholder.

"Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan [IMB]" - A building permit

"Pondok Wisata" - A license to operate a guesthouse

"Sporadik" – Land that has been registered but has no physical certificate. A certificate under the owners name can be drawn up.

Please note that certain titles can be held by resident / non-resident foreigners or by foreign investment companies, others cannot. For more information please click here. Always take detailed legal advice before investing.


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